Saturday, 20 November 2010

Our Silk Bags are back!

Store Your Stone Bridge Hair Clips With Love

A Woman's Favourite Thing to See in the Morning's Post
A few years ago we had some wonderful silk drawstring bags made for us. All our luxury hair clips and Ficcare hair clips were shipped in these bags, which we included for free.

After all, if you're going to spend a lot of money on a hair clip, you want to be able to keep it safe and not get it scratched.

But ... sadness ... we ran out. And then the bad news was we couldn't get any more. We searched high and low for a new manufacturer. We looked in England, we rang specialist drawstring bag makers in America, we even contacted people we knew in China. No luck. Strange, huh?

Then, after months of looking we found a wonderful community in Cambodia, the Watthan Artisans, a school and cooperative for people and children who had been disabled by landmines providing training and employment in traditional crafts.

Making so many bags for Stone Bridge was a major undertaking for them. They were concerned they couldn't get enough silk at their local market in Stone Bridge red, for instance. One solution we discussed was that they would build a loom and actually weave our silk for us!

We are delighted that even our bags reflect the Stone Bridge values of quality, durability, craftsmanship and beauty. They are not mass produced, but made by hand by good people we are delighted to call part of our Stone Bridge family.

So, our bags are back, protecting beautiful hair clips and supporting the talented people at WAC.

You can't buy our bags. You can only get them free when you order from the Ficcare collection, or individual items priced over £35. The only way you can start collecting yours is to treat yourself to a few new hair accessories!

Come see all our hair clips new in this week

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