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Top Tips for Serious Hair

How to Style Your Hair When Sexy Is Not The Look You Want

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In spite of my heroically feminist mother and step-mother, and a girlhood being told that boys and girls are the same, I have come to the conclusion that men are different from women. That's just my opinion.

Proof No. 1 that Men and Women are Different

I had a conversation about this with my friend Steve, who is very into cars. I was telling him about Polyvore, which is a site pretty much devoted to the female interest in collecting pictures of things you think look pretty and allowing you to make collages online to share with your friends. Whenever I have a bad day, I'll go off and make myself a Polyvore collage.

So, I'm explaining this to Steve who is giving me a completely blank look.

"It's very girly," I say. "Do you know any sites like that for men?"

Steve screwed his face up at me. "None of the men I know make collages on the internet to share with their friends, no."

Okay, so collages are difficult to understand by the typical bloke. My husband still struggles to see why I would want to spend even twenty seconds doing this.

Proof No. 2 that Men and Women are Different

Another thing that makes men different from women is that, on average, men find women with long hair worn down unbelievably, and occasionally mind-bogglingly, sexy.

Whenever I have a consultation with a client and have the chance to speak to their husband or partner, these men almost without exception like their wife best with longer hair, worn simply down or just with an alice band.

Claire and I also, in the interests of science, quiz men on their thoughts about women's hair. Their answers aren't terribly surprising. On average, long hair is sexy. Short hair is not so sexy.

Now, there are plenty of times when sexy is not the look we want to go for, namely for serious business-focussed occasions. This is not a time for men to have their minds boggled by your hair. They need to be boggled by your brainy brilliance.

How to Get Serious Hair

I don't have much advice for achieving brainy brilliance, but I can help you with your hair. Here are my top tips to achieving serious hair:
  • Wear your hair up. Hair down is sexy. We're not going for sexy so let's not distract the men from the business at hand. This, honestly, is true for women at any age, not just for young women.

  • Go for a simple style. The tidier your hair, the greater the unconsious impression you create of being "in control". This is particularly important if you have curly hair. Men can almost uncontrollably judge a curly-haired woman as being "wild" if her hair is not neatly tied back. Unfortunate, but surveyed and tested. You can write to the editors of the papers if you like about the unfairness of it, but there you have it. A French pleat, particularly with your ends tucked into your pleat is the most conservative updo.

  • Choose high quality hair clips in a simple style. Men may claim to be baffled by women's clothing, but that isn't to say they can't recognise quality. Indeed, I hear from plenty of husbands of our customers asking with fascination about the material we use in our hair accessories, it is so obviously different from your average high street hair clip. High quality hair accessories in a classic style give a more serious impression.

  • Select colours that blend in with your hair colour. The more invisible your hair accessories, the less distracting they are and the less attention you call to your hair. If you have brown hair, choose dark colours. If you have blonde hair, gold-toned or cream coloured hair clips will be less noticeable. If you have ash-tones in your hair, consider silver or grey hair accessories, such as our Silver Shell colour.

Hair Accessories for Serious Hair

Rectangle Large Barrette
French Handmade U pins
French Pleat medium comb

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