Sunday, 22 August 2010

Adding Height to Your Hair Without Backcombing

All You Need is a Grip!

You don't need any hair clips really for this one. This is a technique I've been wanting to share with you for ages, so I just decided to sit down and take a bunch of pictures showing you how to do it.

A Posh Bouf 
I've had so many requests for an alternative to backcombing. Backcombing or teasing the hair is so damaging to your cuticle. If you've got fine hair, this bumping method is perfect for you.

Here I show you how to add height to a modified bouffant (what we call a "bouf" here at Stone Bridge) which is so fashionable at the moment. I'm doing a basic half-back style, but you can combine a bouf with a ponytail, an alice band, a pleat ... just experiment and see what you can come up with.

Step 1

Step 1: Take a section from the centre top of your head.

This will cover your bouf in the last step. Let it fall forward or clip to one side.

Step 2

Step 2: Take a second section from the back of your crown.

This will form your bump.

Step 3

Step 3: Fold the section half.

Basically, depending on how long your hair is, you want to get it to a manageable length. My hair is just past my shoulders, so I fold this section just in half.

Step 4

Step 4: Place your grip across the middle of the section.

Keep your hair spread out through the grip. Again, this isn't rocket science. The grip just helps to keep your hair under control for Step 5 ...

Step 5

Step 5: Fold the section again and start rolling your hair under.

Keep the hair to the front of your roll sort of smooth. Whatever happens to the back isn't important. Messier rolling should produce a bigger bump, but if you practice and have a play you'll see what works for your hair.

Step 6

Step 6: Secure your bump at the bottom with another grip or two.

At this stage you can either hair spray or not, depending on how naturally slippery your hair is. I don't need any hair spray for this to hold its shape.

Step 7: Nearly Done!

Step 7: Pull your front section back to cover your bump.

You can make this nice and tidy with some hair spray and a comb, or leave it a little messy for a casual, beachy look (very fashionable right now, especially if combined with a sharply styled fringe)

Step 8

Step 8: For a half-back, secure with a small hair barrette.

If you have thicker hair, you can try brushing your hair over the bump and then hair spraying the bejezus out of it so it doesn't move. This just gives you bigger, slightly messy-on-purpose hair.

I generally see younger women holding back this top bit with more grips, but if you are over 26 years old and have plans to go out in public please do not do this. It looks too unfinished. And PLEASE do not opt for bendy clips. No no no.

And that's me done.

This little version took me five minutes to do and that was because I was photographing each step for you. In real life, with the help of a mirror this should take you about 30 seconds. And it should stay in place all day for you, no problem.

Here's how the bouf looks from the front.

A back view

And here's a back view. You don't have to use a barrette for this. You can use a French comb, or even a Classic Mini hair claw.

The cool thing about this method is you don't have to worry about anything "showing through" the top layer of your hair because it's your own hair underneath. Plus you don't have to buy anything, except maybe grips if you've not got any lying around already.

Bouf from the side

Also, your bouf can be all shapes and sizes. You can pull up more hair from the sides to pull back. You can place your bump higher or further back on your head. It all depends on your headshape and what flatters you best.

Go on, go have a play. If you've read this far I know you're not busy right now!

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