Tuesday, 20 July 2010

New Video: How to use side combs

Melissa's Comedy Hair Plus Some Useful Ways To Use French Side Combs

I think my daughter is collecting "Stone Bridge Video Bloopers" on the sly. You wouldn't know that I am in fact hugely camera-shy by the number of hair styling and hair accessories videos I've been making.

So if a bunch of outtakes of me suddenly show up on YouTube one day, some young lady is going to be seriously grounded.

In this video, I whizz through four different ways you can use French side combs to create a few different hair styles. The comb I'm using is our Classic French Handmade side comb, but you can also use dressy combs for any of these styles.

The styles are:
The Quiff (my comedy hair moment, please forgive me!),
A traditional Half-Back,
The Bouf (my favourite, a modern bouffant style), and
The traditional Sides Back style

How to Use French Side Combs

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