Sunday, 4 July 2010

If You Knew You Could Buy Decent Hair Clips Would You Still Put These In Your Hair?

Office Products as Hair Accessories

You wouldn't think hair accessories would come up in conversation much, but it sure seems to in my life.

A few weeks ago I was fixing my hair in the ladies' toilets in a large office building. In walked a professional, fashionably-dressed woman in her forties, who started to fix her hair as well.

"Agh!"she said as she wrestled with her fringe. "I've got this new haircut, but the fringe is too long and keeps hanging in my face. It's driving me nuts!"

She turned to me, pushing her fringe down to show me how it hung in her eyes. It was a good hair cut, but the fringe was indeed (fashionably) rather long. Very annoying when you are trying to get your work done, for sure.

"Nevermind, though." She turns back to the mirror and reveals that she has a paperclip in her hand.

"An old trick. I've been wearing these for years."

So, as the owner of a company who could sell her very beautiful, classic and professional-looking hair slides, do I risk telling her that office products actually may hold her fringe back, but they look ... hmmm ... what's the word I'm looking for?

What would you do?

Hair Slides I Recommend Instead of Paper Clips

Also Effective For Controlling Your Fringe

Stone Bridge Classic French Side Combs

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