Sunday, 11 July 2010

Adding Height or Volume to Your Hair

This is a really simple trick to add height or volume to your hair, particularly if you prefer to air dry your hair.

When your hair is still wet or damp, if you want to add a lot of volume to a particular part of your hair, such as your fringe or the crown, pinch up the relevant section with a large styling clamp.

This is something I do every day with my fringe. And here's the picture to prove it.

I only need to keep my clip in for about twenty minutes or so, usually the time it takes to make and drink my coffee. Plus I'm rushing around the house so much, it is almost the same as using a blow dryer!

If you don't want to add quite so much height, you can use a small steel salon clip, like these:

 Just clip up the hair so it stands up from your head, more exaggerated than how you'd like it to dry. Don't worry, your hair will relax back once you take the clip out.

There is no need to use any additional styling product in your hair for this to work. You only need your hair to go from wet or damp to dry in the time you have the clip in your hair.

You can add volume from the root this way to any part of your hair. Me, I've got a boxy shaped head, so the back of my head is flatter than I like.

I took a picture, so you can see:
Here, you can see that I would have a better profile if I could make the back of my head appear more rounded at the top.

You can create this illusion by styling your hair with hair accessories, or you can try and get your hair to just stand up a bit more.

And here's the result when dry.

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  1. That looks great and is so simple. Thank you so much for the great tip!