Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Using Your Ficcare Maximas for a Ponytail Style ...

Last week I showed you how to use a Ficcare Maximas hair clip to make a French pleat style with your hair.

As you probably know by now, the Ficcare Maximas is one of my favourite hair clips. You can also use the small size to make a smart looking ponytail. It's a great alternative to using hair elastics, and much gentler on your hair. But they don't work so well if you have slippery or fine hair. But if you've got medium to thick hair with a bit of texture, here's a video for you showing you how.

As always, a little bit of the right gets a bit cut off here on the blog. If this is too annoying for you, you can go to the Stone Bridge website to see both of my videos about using the Maximas clip.

How to Use the Ficcare Maximas hair clip to make a Ponytail

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