Thursday, 10 June 2010

Slippery Hair? How to make your hair clips grip better ...

Give your favourite hair clips and hair bands a better hold

I had a chat yesterday with one of our customers. She loves our silk scarf style headbands, but was finding that some hair bands were too slippery on her head. Did I have any suggestions?

Now, I've not done this myself, but a few customers have given their hair claws and hair slides a better grip by lining the inside edge with a strip of felt. Just cut a little pad for the place that feels slippy on your head, glue it along the inside edge, and that's it.

The felt is gentle on your hair and it will either grip your hair better than the smooth surface you normally get on many hair clips, or it will fill in the excess space if you simply have a clip that is slightly too large for the amount of hair you have.

The Cause of Slippery Hair

Slippery hair is often caused by using too much conditioner or by using styling products containing silicone. You can reduce the slip in your hair (and often improve the texture and volume of your hair) by conditioning less often. You can read much more about this by subscribing to my Free Healthy Hair Advice articles, where I go into what conditioner is and what it's really for in great detail.

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