Friday, 11 June 2010

Pantene Pro-V Nature Fusion hair care products review

Cassia and Pantene's Nature Fusion line.
Does it do anything? Read to find out...
You know I've got this nerdy streak that makes me unnaturally interested in shampoo formulas (not to mention hair accessories)?

I was troubled not too long ago by repeatedly coming across marketing information from Procter and Gamble about Pantene Pro-V Nature Fusion with Cassia flower extract.

The marketing proclaims the new formulas are a perfect combination of nature and technology, the best of both worlds.

My favourite line is that this shampoo that gives you beautiful hair just as nature intended.

That comment threw me for some time and I had difficulty taking this product at all seriously.

After spending several weeks trying to get to the bottom of this exciting new development and not getting any help at all from P and G’s “explanations” I at last uncovered research done by the company a few years back on how Cassia based extracts could improve on current shampoo formulas.

What is a "Conditioning" Shampoo?

In the 1970’s cosmetic scientists discovered cationic polymers that could be added to shampoo which helped protect wet hair from incurring damage during shampooing and wet-styling (also known as "combing").

These polymers introduced a few problems, namely they can interfere with the shampoo lathering (but not cleaning, note) as well as introduce some aesthetic issues in appearance and feel of the shampoo.

About four years ago, P and G isolated an extract of the galactomannan part of the Cassia flower and tested it against currently available cationic polymers used in shampoo.

The cassia formula outperformed traditional conditioning shampoos as a carrier of conditioning ingredients and in reducing friction damage in the hair.

More interestingly, the cassia extract formed a lasting protective film over the hair that did not immediately wash out.

Does this Mean Cassia is Good For Your Hair?

What does this mean to you and me? It means if you want to abuse your hair, this new Pantene Pro-V Cassia formula may be the magic in a bottle you’ve been looking for.

It will not repair damaged hair, but it may be a more agreeable alternative to all the silicone-based “repair and protect” formulas available on the market now.

While I do not have complete information on all the products in this new range, my personal suspicion is that if you are already pretty careful in how you treat your hair when it is wet and most vulnerable to damage, the conditioner may be the only product worth adding to your hair styling arsenal.

If you use and abuse your hair, actively heat styling from damp, the shampoo might help protect your hair a bit better than your existing shampoo.

If you have fine, straight hair, skip the conditioner and have a go with just the shampoo, but you might find it weighs your hair down.

Now that’s nice, isn’t it? A real scientific improvement. How about that.

If you're interested, you can read more articles here about shampoo and what it does.


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