Monday, 21 June 2010

Building Your Hair Accessories Wardrobe, Step 7

The Final Step to a Hair Accessories Collection You'll Love to Wear

Have you got a basket or drawer of hair clips you really just don't wear? There may be a hundred reasons why you are hanging on to these clips, but if you only do one thing this week, do this: if you've not worn a clip in a year throw it away.

Step 6 to building a great wardrobe of hair clips was about getting the colour balance right between neutrals and "extras".

Today I want to write about throwing your clips in the bin. This is Step 7: Remove and Replace.

Review your hair accessories collection regularly

Nothing says out of date more than something chipped, scratched or dirty. You spend a lot of money looking after your hair and having it styled, so why put an old clip in it?

At least once a year, go through your hair clip box and throw things away. Put it on your list of something to replace if it was a real treasure. As I mentioned in my post about Shopping to a Schedule, you should have a plan to be looking out for good new hair accessories a few times during the year. If you can do this, it will remove your fear about throwing away old clips.

Replacing favourite hair clips

If you have a clip or headband that really is super, make a mental note to buy a replacement before your favourite breaks. Don't assume a great design will be around forever. Us hair clip companies, we move on and come up with new designs twice a year, so a brilliant clip from 2005 may not be in production any more.

Review your colour mix

As I discussed in Step 6, three-quarters of your collection should be in what you consider to be your "neutrals", appropriate for your clothing wardrobe. However, neutrals do change with fashion and also as our skin and hair colour change over time. You might start wearing less black or find that tortoiseshell doesn't look as attractive once your hair takes on an ashy tone.

When you do your review of your collection, think carefully about the colour mix of accessories you have now and whether or not your collection needs updating.

Throwing Clips Away Makes Room For Great New Clips

Hanging on to old hair clips that don't get worn just creates clutter and makes it hard to choose hair accessories in the morning that will make your hair look great.

Throw those old clips out. Go on. Then you'll have room to treat yourself to a new classic!

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