Monday, 14 June 2010

Building Your Hair Accessories Wardrobe, Step 2 ...

How to Choose Hair Clips You'll Actually Love to Wear

Step 1 in building a wardrobe of hair accessories you'll use and love was about thinking before buying. Step 2 is about planning ahead, particularly for special events.

Your hair and your face shape do not generally change dramatically from one year to the next. And usually the best time to buy formal wear is when you don't need it. That way you aren't desperately scrabbling around the shops, praying to find something both appropriate and flattering.

The same is true in choosing hair accessories for a black tie event. You can have a relatively small collection of alice bands and clips which you know will hold your hair properly and comfortably, making the question of how to wear your hair on the day not only simple, but fun.

Choose Hair Accessories You Know Work For You

Start with styles you know will hold your hair. For most events, adapting the way you like to put up your hair on a day-to-day basis will mean you'll have more success creating a dressy style for a formal event. Ponytails, half-up styles and pleats can all be elevated simply by using dressier hair accessories than you use every day.

Sticking with the size claw or barrette clasp you normally wear means you will have the hold you are used to, making your hair feel comfortable. This will allow you to relax and actually enjoy the event, rather than nipping off to the ladies' all evening to check how your hair looks.

Pick Classic Colours

Unless you have a bold personal style with colour, don't choose hair accessories the same colour as your dress. Choosing an eye catching hair clip will limit your jewellery choices as your clip will draw a lot of attention. A good half-way point between show-stopping and conservative is to pick a clip in either white or topaz crystal. The crystal will give your hair impressive glitter, but won't be over the top in the colour department.

You will also get more value out of such a clip as it will work with any formal outfit you might buy over the years. Plus you don't grow out of hair clips the same way you might grow out of a dress!

Buy Formal Accessories Before You Need Them

Shopping for formal accessories when you don't need them means you have time to try them properly at home and return or exchange them if they aren't appropriate.

This is the time to try different widths of headbands, for example, to see which is most flattering for your face and head shape. Dressy combs can be worn in a huge number of ways, so having one ready and waiting in your wardrobe will give you the opportunity to experiment and find new ways of using your comb.

Buy Your Accessories First, The Dress Last

I love accessorising and you can get much more wear out of a Little Black Dress by having a collection of accessories to mix and match. The summer version of this is to have a Little White Dress always waiting in your cupboard which you know fits and looks nice on you.

By having a strategy to always be on the lookout for hair clips that work for your hair and buying them before you need them, you will always be ready for any formal event and avoid panic purchases which end up staying in your drawer, unworn.

The next step to building a great hair accessories collection is Step 3, Know What Works For You ...

Classic Stone Bridge Hair Accessories for Formal Events

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