Thursday, 17 June 2010

Building the Perfect Hair Accessories Wardrobe, Step 5

How to Choose Hair Clips You'll Actually Love to Wear

In my last post I wrote about Step 4 to building a great collection of hair accessories that you really will love wearing, which is to Shop Regularly and Systematically.

Step 5 is about Shopping the Trends.

Fashion or Style?

There are two schools of thought on buying fashion. Some believe you need to pay attention to trends because otherwise your whole look will leave you looking tired and outdated. Others believe that once a woman is over 25, fashion is irrelevant and knowing what looks good on you translates into a personal style that transcends the shifting sands of fashion.

Both are right and both are wrong in my book. In my world, talking to women who feel time passing and can see that their bodies and hair are changing, you cannot carry your personal style that you honed in your twenties and thirties seamlessly into your forties and beyond. The fashion "tribe" that you identified with as a younger woman doesn't exist, and if it does, then it's gone underground or evolved.

You can carry artifacts, though, of this identity through your life and shopping fashion trends is a way to bring your look up to date. Before you can do this effectively, though, you need to know what styles are most flattering for you.

Hair Clips Can Easily Update Your Overall Look

Hair accessories can work into this strategy very well. You can either update your look by buying a small number of inexpensive fashion accessories (which you really should throw away at the end of the season), or you can look for one or two good quality items that fit with your personal style that will last and wear well for several years.

Either strategy works and in reality you will end up spending the same amount of money. The way to tell which way is for you is whether or not you have fun with it. Getting dressed should be fun, after all.

As I wrote about in Step 4, you should have a plan to take a look at what sort of hair clips are available several times during the year. You might not see anything you want to buy, which is fine. But it is valuable to take stock of where trends lie. Also, fashion will periodically swing your way in terms of colours and styles that will work for you and you don't want to miss a favourable tide!

Stone Bridge Will Help Your Hair Look Good

At Stone Bridge, we look for trends that we think will make you look good. This is always our priority. You will never look like you fell into a basket of haberdashery or forgot to take your hairdressing clips out before leaving the house. And if by some terrible accident you do, you can send the nasty clip back to us and get a refund. Guaranteed.

In my next post, Step 6 for building a great hair accessories collection is about getting the right colour balance.

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