Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Building the Perfect Hair Accessories Wardrobe, Step 3

How to Choose Hair Clips You'll Actually Love to Wear

Step 2 to building your hair accessories wardrobe was to plan ahead, particularly for hair accessories to wear to black tie events.

Step 3 is all about Knowing What Works For You

Buying hair accessories is like shopping for a dress

Shopping for hair clips is just like shopping for a dress. There are a lot of fantastic dresses out there, but they aren’t all going to look great on you. You need to know your body shape and what styles, colours and patterns work best for you to make dress shopping easier.

The same is true for hair accessories. Alice bands, for example vary in width from a super skinny 3 mm up to several inches wide. They can be very simple or extremely ornate in their design. Whether they look chic on you or not is completely down to your face shape and which width and style is most flattering for you. Come watch my video for just a few pointers on how to tell if a wide or skinny hair band is right for you.

The same applies for hair claws and barrettes. Getting the right size, balanced with the needs of your hair and in scale with your profile takes experimentation. Not all hair clips are the same. Not by a long stretch. Here is just one video I made with a few ideas on choosing the right length hair claw for your hair.

Stone Bridge Can Find the Right Hair Clip for Your Hair

At Stone Bridge, we have over 1000 different hair clips in stock and we can help match you with the right size and style of clip so that you get not only the hold you like, but a look that is flattering and grown up.

We also have a 28 Day Satisfaction Guarantee so you can try different styles to truly learn what suits your hair best.

Just because a hair band or clip is “in style” doesn’t mean it will make you or your hair look good. You will always look better with hair clips that suit your hair and personal style than you will with a clip that is merely fashionable.

Knowing which clips and hair bands flatter your face will save you buying useless hair accessories that just sit in your drawer unused and unloved. Learning how to style your hair on a day-to-day basis in a way that is comfortable and that also makes your hair look great makes getting ready in the morning fun.

Step 4 to building a great hair accessories collection is about Shopping Methodically ...

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