Sunday, 20 June 2010

Building a Great Hair Accessories Wardrobe, Step 6 ...

How to Have a Collection of Hair Accessories You'll Love to Wear

In my last post about building a great wardrobe of hair accessories , I wrote about Step 5, Shopping the Trends.

Step 6 is Get the Colour Balance Right.

Colours versus Tortoiseshell and Black

In putting together a wardrobe of clothes, you want to have your balance of staples and "extras" in colours and prints to make your choice of clothes interesting. In hair accessories, or any fashion accessories, you need a selection of staples and extras to play the same role. Having this sort of variety in your collection makes putting outfits together more fun.

Staple Colours are Your Neutrals

Staples are in colours that pretty much go with at least half of your wardrobe. This usually means tortoiseshell or black. It also includes colours you consider to be neutral in your clothing wardrobe. This could be navy blue, cream or grey but also includes all the metallics like gold, bronze, copper or silver. About three-quarters of your hair accessories collection should be in your staple colours.

All Other Colours and Patterns are "Extra"

Another quarter of your hair accessories wardrobe should be in colours that coordinate with your clothing wardrobe. So, these should be your eye-catching pieces that you might wear with an all black outfit, for example, or maybe jeans and a white oxford shirt. Then you can go for a floral print barrette or patterned silk scarf hair band.

Investment Buying and Hair Clips

Patterns and colours date as fashion moves on, so the life of your coloured designs may be about three to five years. Buying great quality fashion hair clips means they really will last three to five years and not break after a few months.

Your staple colours will not date themselves as readily and and well chosen hair clip or hair band can last from five to twenty years, depending on the style. Choosing really good quality hair claws, barrettes or hair bands means you might actually get five or more years wear out of them, provided you aren't wearing the same single clip every single day. Having a good selection of clips to choose from will prolong the life of all your favourites and it having the variety will make getting your hair ready each day more fun.

Next, look out for the final step in building a really great hair accessories wardrobe, Step 7: Remove and Replace.

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