Thursday, 3 June 2010

Another French Pleat Style, Using Ficcare Maximas hair clips

Melissa Shows You How to Use a Ficcare Maximas Hair Clip to Make a French Twist or Pleat

Ficcare is such a cool company. In general, we have a bias towards hair clips made in France, but these Americans really know how to make great hair accessories .

My personal favourite is the Ficcare Maximas clip and I've had bazillions of questions about how you use them.

So I made a little video for you showing you how to use a Ficcare Maximas to make a French pleat style.

As usual, the video is a little skew-wiff here on the blog, and if this bugs you, you can click here to watch the video on the Stone Bridge website , or you can visit us on YouTube to see all my hair styling and advice videos.

What's So Great About the Maximas Clip?

If you've heard me go on and on about the Maximas before and thought "That's a lot of money for just one clip" I wish you could see some of the thank you letters we've received from customers who finally decided to try one (knowing they could return them to us if the Maximas was not 100% perfect for their hair). We've received odes to the Maximas, songs and artwork all about how amazing and comfortable the Maximas is.

We just think they're awesome and really hope you'll give one a try for yourself to see if they work for you. Remember, you're totally covered by our Satisfaction Guarantee - Love your hair or your money back.

In the words on one recent customer, "It's just a clip, but oh, what a hair clip!"

Watch the video, and if you've struggled to find a clip that will hold all your hair properly, come take a look at our full range of Ficcare clips.

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