Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Adding To Your Hair Accessories Wardrobe, Step 4

How to Choose Hair Clips You'll Actually Love to Wear

In my last post, Step 3 to building your dream hair accessories wardrobe was about Knowing What Works For You

Step 4 is to Shop Systematically

When you have a favourite hair clip that you know holds your hair reliably and properly, reaching for the same clip every day can make you blind to the fact that your old stand-by is getting worn around the edges.

Like a brilliant coat or your dream shoes, all elements of your wardrobe need to be replaced and updated so that you don’t end up looking like you’re stuck in a rut.

Shop for Your Everyday Classics Twice a Year

The solution – both for clothes and for hair accessories – is to shop regularly to make sure your basics are replaced in a timely way. Don’t wait until they’re so old they break. French handmade hair accessories can last decades. So if you wait that long, you really won’t be able to replace it as odds are your favourite hair clip won’t be in production any more.

When I say shop, by the way, I don't necessarily mean buy. Only buy a clip if it will do the job for you. The idea is to keep your eyes open and to shop with a plan. That way when you see a design that is perfect for you, you are buying on purpose rather than on impulse. Over the long term, this will keep your hair clip basket from getting cluttered with unworn designs.

My advice is to look for good, classic hair accessories twice a year, usually January and June. If you can shop when you don’t need a new clip, it takes the pressure off your buying decision, meaning you’ll end up with a new clip that really will work well for you and in a style that is up to date.

When is the best time to pick up Seasonal Designs?

For more seasonal or fashion focused hair accessories, it’s best to shop at the beginning of each season so you’ll have the pick of all the best colours. Most of our designs are produced in small runs, and popular colours and styles do just sell out. Signing up for my weekly emails is the best way to make sure you get an early look at our newest products.

We start to introduce spring colours the last week of February, Summer colours come in at mid-May. The best selection of our Autumn collection is the first week of September, while our winter designs are best shopped for the last week of October and the week right before Christmas (something for you to look forward to after doing all that shopping for other people!).

Shopping To a Plan Means A Collection That Really Works For You

By shopping for accessories little and often, and to a schedule you will gradually build a working wardrobe of hair clips that will mean your hair is prepared all year, whatever the occasion.

The next step to building a hair accessories collection you love, is Step 5, Know How to Shop the Trends.

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