Thursday, 29 April 2010

Your Face Shape Determines the Best Hair Band For You

Have you tried alice bands in the past and just decided they look too schoolgirlish for you? Don't give up! Hair bands are not just for the young. A beautifully made hair band can look more sophisticated than a fascinator for a formal event, while a smart simple style can easily be worn to work or out to dinner.

Like choosing the right clothes for your body shape, hair accessories - and headbands in particular - need to be chosen to complement the shape of your face. This is definitely one accessory where you should not be led by fashion. Stocking up on good quality hair bands when your ideal width is on-trend will make sure you have a ready "wardrobe" for your hair for work, weekends and formal occasions.

Learn How To Choose the Right Width for You
Watch this video about how to use hair bands in the wider styles, and learn whether a wide or skinny style will more flattering for you.

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